Now, Illegal Aliens Are Even Dying At The U.S. Northern Border

The situation is truly disheartening: the border crisis during President Joe Biden’s term has escalated, affecting even the northern border where lives have been lost. The current administration must take decisive action to address this issue.

Recently, The New York Times reported the tragic discovery of eight individuals, including a young child, found deceased in the St. Lawrence River. They were identified as two Romanian families and Indian nationals, attempting to cross from Canada to the United States. As Abram Benedict, Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, poignantly stated, “It is sad that people want to find a better life, and this is the tragedy that results.”

Simultaneously, illegal immigration numbers are soaring, with 2.7 million border crossings recorded in the fiscal year 2022. This record-breaking figure highlights the urgent need for reform. However, it is uncertain whether the Biden administration will implement the necessary changes to effectively address the crisis.

A firm approach is required: those entering illegally should be returned to their country of origin. The current policy of granting asylum and providing opportunities for amnesty must be reconsidered. Unfortunately, under the current administration, individuals seeking asylum are released into the United States, with the knowledge that they have a reasonable chance of staying.

As long as these policies persist, the crisis will continue to worsen, and more devastating stories like the one in the St. Lawrence River will emerge.

In summary, the United States is facing a significant challenge in managing the border crisis. Comprehensive immigration reform is needed to address the issue, but under the current administration, progress appears to be slow. Until meaningful changes are made, the crisis will persist, and more innocent lives will be lost.


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